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Building Blocks of Leadership Development Communication + Connection

Building Blocks of Leadership Development Communication + Connection

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  • Date & Time2022-03-11, 3:00 pm

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In this interactive 60-min session, Parm Chohan will unpack how leadership development starts with
being able to genuinely communicate + connect with your people.
Being able to communicate + connect is the most important building block, because if you can’t, what
are the chances you’ll have influence or leadership with your teams?
And remember, we’re all leaders in some way.
Together we will discuss:
• Why leadership and growth training is important
• Five skills & qualities of successful leaders
• The power of connecting
• Finding common ground
• Barriers to common ground
• How to connect right away
• Being able to reflect and correct
• Staying authentic in your relationships
As entrepreneurs, business owners and executives, we all know how to communicate. But building
genuine connection is a layer deeper.
The ability to connect with others is a major factor in reaching your full potential and building strong
relationships with your stakeholders. In the workplace this will break down silos, increase collaboration
among teams and improve internal culture. Why is this important? Because it can impact your bottom
line whatever it may be.
Being able to connect means lasting relationships with customers, clients, colleagues, sponsors,
partners, community members. And why is that important? Because these groups are the heartbeat of
your businesses and organizations.