CGTA’s Truck Launch
Registrations Closed

Suresh Kumar

Angela Baltkois

Location : Hardy john's Bar & Grill Ajax

Date & Time : 2021-06-15 03:00 PM

Get ready for the unveiling of 2 more spectacular Connecting GTA trucks.

We all feel the pride when we spot one of our trucks on the roads. We feel the connection to this fabulous club who have become family.

There will be 2 trucks, one promoting Connecting GTA, and a second truck promoting YES IT, Shinol Inc., Saijith Charath, Pathwise Credit Union, Agape Life, Tham Surveying, DataWiz, A&G Concepts, Kashden Consulting, Commercial Packaging and Tharan Lingam.

Thank you, Angela Baltkois of Bigrigwraps Transport Truck Advertising, for wrapping these beauties.

Come out and show your support.

Social distancing and mask wearing will be adhered to.