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Values-Based Leadership

Values-Based Leadership

  • Hosts Parm Chohan
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  • Date & Time2023-06-23, 6:00 pm
  • For Members$50.00 CAD
  • For Non Members$75.00 CAD

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In this session, we will get to work by identifying your core values and highlighting how you can incorporate them in your personal and professional leadership.

Values is the inside work that needs to happen. It’s what helps you identify why you show up the way you do. Your values define how you do everything in life. When you’re clear on your values and how they come to the surface whether in you personal, professional, community life or anything in between, you can then live and lead with that much more intention. Not by accident.

Join us as Parm Chohan, owner of Conquer Leadership, helps us identify our core values. He’ll also share powerful coaching questions for attendees to discuss in groups.