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Anna Borshch

Anna Borshch

  • CEO
  • Arthur Murray Ajax
  • Category : Dance Centre
  • City : Ajax
299 Kingston Rd E #3,
Ajax,  Ontario
L1Z 0K5


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Meet Anton Lebedev and Anna Borshch. They are the owners of Arthur Murray Dance Centres in Ajax and have been dancing ballroom together for the past 15 years. Anna started dancing at the age of 8, while Anton has been wearing his dance shoes starting at just 6. Both have dedicated their lives to dance and their journey has taken them all over the world. Together they are 8 times Canadian National Professional Champions and World semi-finalists. They have also represented Canada all over the world settling down in Ajax in 2016 where they opened their studio. In 2020 they had their first son, Daniil. Their life’s mission is to create joy in people’s lives by teaching them the beauty of dance. They want to not only teach you how to dance, but to transform your life through the many benefits that dancing brings: confidence, a sense of community, physical and mental wellbeing, higher self esteem, relationship building, courage, and many more. Join Anna and Anton along with their fantastic team of staff at Arthur Murray Ajax and take the first step to improving your life.


As America’s second oldest franchise organization, Arthur Murray International, Inc. is known around the world as a prominent entertainment company with franchises located throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Africa and Australia. With the beginning of a new millennium, social dancing is again a significant part of popular culture for all generations. Today, the Arthur Murray Franchised Dance Studios continue a tradition of more than 93 years in teaching the world to dance.