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Anne Nicholas

Anne Nicholas

  • Owner
  • Cafe Ro Pickering
1355 Kingston Rd
Pickering Ontario
L1V 1B8


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Cafe Ro is a family-owned, Canadian business with a passion for gourmet desserts. Unable to find a place to sit and enjoy a fresh made dessert, or piece of cake, it was an easy decision to create just such a place. We strive to offer our guests a unique experience! We provide a beautiful setting, with a warm ambiance to sit and enjoy at your leisure. We build creative dessert offerings provided with legendary service. We have paired indulgent treats with many drink offerings to raise the bar on our customer’s dessert experience. Our team is committed to mastering special tastes and flavours and providing service that goes above and beyond what’s expected to provide for a fun, enjoyable visit. Our fresh ice cream made weekly, to our fresh baked goods and custom line of cheesecakes round out our offerings to indulge all your senses. Please enjoy your visit. If any issues arise, feel free to contact us at [email protected]!


Family-owned Spin Café is devoted to Desserts! They offer great service and indulgent treats, and seek to raise the bar on your dessert experience. Home-made ice cream, handmade baked goods and custom cheesecake are just part of the menu! They are located at Pickering Town Centre, northeast side.