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Arsalan Kayani

Arsalan Kayani

  • Co-Founder & CEO
  • MyTutorPod
  • Category : Educational Institutions
  • City : Toronto
300-325 Front Street West
Toronto Ontario
M5V 2Y1


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am Arsalan Kayani, and I'm a passionate EdTech Entrepreneur and Enthusiast. I help students in Canada and US get top-notch education through MyTutorPod. Moreover, I help parents relieve their burden by providing their kids quality online education from the comfort of their homes.

Over the years, I have worked in many Tech leadership roles, and optimized processes of the EdTech companies I have worked with.

The past decade of my life has been dedicated to MyTutorPod, my source of pride. it's my EdTech business that I run with my brother. With time, we have scaled it massively, shifted completely to the digital teaching system and delivered more than a whopping one million lectures.