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Doreen Fernandez

Doreen Fernandez

  • Founder and Creative Writer
  • Memory Bloom
  • Category : Business Consultants
  • City : Ajax
158 Harwood Ave. South #204
Ajax,  Ontario
L1S 2H6


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After many years working in the financial industry, I decided to pursue my passion for writing. Specifically legacy writing, however my love for writing takes me down many paths. I learned a lot in the corporate sector and can apply my knowledge to assist other businesses with many forms of presentations and documentation. As a legacy writer, I love to create keepsakes for families to cherish and hand down through the generations. I truly believe it is a priceless gift. Everyone has a story, experiences, or something to offer, so as a creative writer, I use my craft to bring to life the stories of people, places and events that will live forever. I delight in helping families celebrate the significance of legacies to preserve memories that commemorate generations and I am always touched by my client’s reactions of heartfelt thanks. Flexibility is key to pleasing my clients and I would be honoured to collaborate with you to provide a memorable story that you are proud of.


Memories can fill us with happiness, grief or reflection.

Memories can be triggered by a song, a scent, a photograph or traditions. They come along when we least expect them and halt us in our stride or they bloom within us as we sit in silence.

Ultimately memories are who we are and the legacy we leave behind for our loved ones.

Wouldn’t your family members love to have a keepsake to treasure?

I can organize and bring to life your experiences so that they are remembered and felt forever.

Are you an artist, business owner, or have a remarkable past that you would like to share with others?

Or perhaps a proud parent, or preparing for a major life event and would like to have a treasured keepsake?


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