Elżbieta Chmiel

the 6rightest

Founder & Executive Director


123 Any Street
Toronto,  Ontario
1A2 3B4


Elżbieta Chmiel is the Founder & Executive Director of the 6rightest, a Secondary School French Immersion Teacher and Writer. She is passionate about providing students with opportunities that foster creativity, collaboration, and innovative thinking. After launching an online publication about Toronto’s brightest entrepreneurs she was inspired to combine her day job with her side hustle and started the 6rightest, a non-profit organization that connects youth to entrepreneurs in the GTA.


The 6rightest (pronounced the brightest) is a non-profit organization that promotes lifelong learning and collaboration by connecting youth to entrepreneurs in the GTA within a 6-week mentorship program. By providing one-on-one mentorship within an experiential learning program, we allow students (15 years old and up) to develop their business ideas early on, experiment with them and get valuable feedback from experienced entrepreneurs. The guidance and encouragement the students receive from their mentors give them a unique perspective on their industry, provide them with a practical learning experience and save them time. Ultimately this will lead to greater collaboration within the business community, sooner product launches, and growth of the local economy.


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