Lankathas Pathmanathan

Thesiyam Nation

Publishing Editor


123 Any Street
Toronto,  Ontario
1A2 3B4


Experienced, Publishing Editor/Founder of Thesiyam- Nation, with a demonstrated history of working more than 20 years in the media (Radio, Print, TV) Industry. Strong proficient with a degree focused on Journalism. Thesiyam is a Tamil-based media, providing news all over Canada. It is recognized, by Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government in Canada. Thesiyam is more about integrity, transparency, and strong content for people.


Thesiyam-Nation is the Toronto-based media outlet focused on delivering news exclusively about Canada. It was started as a Weekly newspaper in 2004 which then transitioned into the monthly magazine in 2017. We have a strong online and social media presence as well. Thesiyam was built to provide real news for Tamil Canadians.

Thesiyam is also the Co-Producer for “Good Evening Canada”. Our mission is to enrich the lives of common Tamil people in Canada. We are here to inform, entertain, and educate our audience. We provide unbiased news with all the ethics and code of conduct.

Thesiyam creates everyday news better, by means of providing outstanding quantity and service and to stand morally right by being cleaver and inclusive.


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