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Rukshan Para

Rukshan Para

  • President and Executive Director
  • Youth & Parents Association
123 Street Name
Markham,  Ontario


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Rukshan Para is an investment banking consultant who has been in the banking industry for the past 15 years. He managed projects in equity markets, lending and borrowing, derivatives, forex, money markets and now is a part of the business innovation and strategy team in Investment Banking. He has headed and implemented multi million dollar projects that are strategically aligned for the business and its stakeholders. He is also an alternative and an angel investor. He is an experienced consultant with an outstanding history of achieving operational efficiency within banking industries specializing in business process improvement, data governance, and transformation. He is currently the Managing Director of 3C3 Consulting Solutions Inc. and Principal of Rukshan Para Consulting Services. He also manages AGR Financials and A4 Active Learning Centre.


YPAM is a non-profit organization that tirelessly works to support children and their families by providing leading edge and innovative programs that foster 21st century global competencies. YPAM also prides itself in bridging the communication gap between parents and the educational community. Helping them make informed decisions about the education of their children, especially for families who have children with special learning requirements. We, as an organization, aspire to motivate, mentor, empower through educational innovation.


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