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Samuel Arutsothy

Samuel Arutsothy

  • Sales Manager
  • Commercial Packaging Solutions Inc.
75 Milliken Boulevard
Toronto Ontario
M1V 2R3


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Samuel Arutsothy is not the average business owner you come across in the manufacturing industry, as his upbringing is noteworthy to his current success. Born and raised in the tumultuous era of civil war, in Sri Lanka, Samuel devoted much of his childhood to his family of farmers, growing crops so they could earn a living. At the age of eleven, Samuel was able to flee with his family and moved to Toronto, Ontario to start a new life. Despite the circumstances he was raised under, Samuel persevered and successfully earned his Bachelor of Business Administration from York University, along with an MBA from the Schulich School of Business. His degrees initially lead him down a career path within the banking industry, as he served in various sectors and senior management roles, for over 12 years, with CIBC and TD. While working for TD, Samuel participated in their summer volunteer program, aiding with environmental efforts to replant trees. Concurrently, he worked with his father at Pine Valley Polymers to create plastic bags – which exposed him to the amount of plastic production and waste within the farming industry. Coming full circle to his roots and his humble beginnings within farming, Samuel developed a plan to recycle the plastic waste back into every day consumer goods. This kick-started his journey within the manufacturing industry and generated a major step toward environmental sustainability. With the financial help and valued support of his parents, Samuel was able to purchase Arrow Plastic Manufacturing (now known as Enviro Safe Solutions Inc.) – a benchmark moment within his career. His ambition and drive has led to his continued success within the manufacturing industry and has allowed him to make a meaningful impact within society.


We develop packaging solutions with significant customer benefits and thereby support the growth, innovation and long-lasting success of our customers. In the process, we set standards with regard to technology, efficiency and reliability and are conscious of the need for an economical use of packaging materials and other resources.

Our product portfolio covers nearly all the needs of the customer and includes - in addition to packaging film - PTO, Garbage Bags, Custom labeling and quality inspection systems, and custom product lines lines.

Our customers benefit from our profound knowledge of processes and systems, as well as from an integrated advisory service, all from one source.

CPS Inc has been operational for 3 years with a dedicated team of employees who have experience over 40 years in the packaging business.