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Sharmaine Singh

Sharmaine Singh

  • Vice President, Finance & Administration
  • Surge Arrest Canada
  • Category : Information Technology
  • City : Pickering
1327 Gull Crossing
Pickering Ontario
L1W 0B7


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Surge Arrest Canada (SAC) was founded by a multifaceted team with over 25 years of international experience in critical power and cooling. Our comprehensive application areas include Data Centres and Facilities, Edge Networks, Business Networks, Small Businesses and Homes. SAC provides surge suppressors, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power conditioning, power management, precision cooling and professional consulting services, helping to improve the Manageability, Availability and Performance of sensitive Electronics.

SAC is a partner of APC by Schneider Electric. As a global leader in high availability critical power and cooling solutions, APC sets the standard in the industry for quality, innovation, and support. With our sustainable practices, our agile talent team is positioned to support you throughout your business advancement.


• Design and Build Data Center
• Design and Build Edge Solutions
• Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
• Power Conditioning
• Power Management
• Precision Cooling
• Netbotz (Monitoring Equipment)
• Racks
• Professional Consulting Services

Adriansen Khan
  • Surge Arrest Canada