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Shelley Walker

Shelley Walker

  • CEO
  • Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada
  • Category : Not for Profit
  • City : Kitchener
900 Guelph St – Suite ##303
Kitchener Ontario
N2H 5Z6


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Shelley Uvanile-Hesch is the CEO of Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada, a non-profit organization, with the mission to bridge barriers, empower women and provide a positive platform for education, mentorship, networking and development within the trucking/transportation industry. She has over 30 years experience in Trucking/Transportation industry. Shelley has a history of supporting the Transportation/Trucking industry as a reputable and respected leader, spokesperson, and professional driver. Shelley is well-versed in the undertaking of several charitable initiatives, community campaigns and public outreach. Her many skills include Management, Keynote Speaking, Leadership, Safety & Training. Shelley has a strong interest in philanthropy, promoting women within the industry and empowering teams and individuals. Shelley is also a nominee for the 2020 Woman of Inspiration™ Awards.


The Women’s Trucking Federation of Canada is a network of women created for women to empower, expand and retain employment of — and shift attitudes about — women in the industry and beyond. This includes supporting the industry with issues around training, safety, career progression, education, mentoring and more.

Established in 2015, WTFC has a significant, and loyal membership and following of women and men in the industry — from drivers to carrier executives.


Empower women
Expand employment of women
Improve & promote training standards
Public Message re: safety around large commercial vehicles
Shift attitudes: Recognize Drivers as qualified professionals
Driver Image
Promote retention
Promote encouragement & unity between new & experienced drivers
(women & men)
Safety issues facing women in the industry
Promote Trucking as a viable career option