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Working At TBS Factoring: Employee Reviews and Culture

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  • Date 16th Aug 2022

Working At TBS Factoring: Employee Reviews and Culture

truckers bookkeeping service reviews

To ensure the accuracy and integrity of our list, we evaluated each accounting application using an internal rubric scoring system with five categories, each with a calculated weighted score. If you’re hauling different types of loads and want to understand which of them are the most profitable, Rigbooks is the most affordable option. For as low as $19 per month, you can track cost per mile, profit per mile, and average miles traveled truckers bookkeeping service per trip to stay on top of your revenue and expenses. It even pulls in your mileage automatically, whether it’s from your electronic logging device , IFTA mileage records, or trip and load records. You can use Rigbooks to track fixed and variable tracking costs. Fixed costs are expenses that are incurred whether you’re driving or not. Examples of fixed costs include equipment loan payments, permit costs, and accountant costs.

truckers bookkeeping service reviews

Looks like this client did not furnish all documents needed to get paid. Another client commented on the RipOffReport stating TBS is a great company to work with. We use dedicated people and clever technology to safeguard our platform. She provides you with excellent expierence and help and understands your needs.


At Lifeline Tax Solutions, we know first-hand how important the trucking industry is to our great country’s economy. After serving as an embarkation logistics specialist in the Marines, one of our founding members owned-and-operated a trucking company working with hundreds of owner-operators. Many people have tax knowledge, but more importantly — truckers need experts on their side who understand the complexities of their industry.

Non-recourse factoring is when the factoring company assumes the risk that your account debtor does not pay an invoice . For example, if the debtor goes out of business, files for bankruptcy, or becomes insolvent during the factoring period, TBS will take the loss.

Do you Work At TBS Factoring?

You’ll have everything you need already sorted correctly for the end of each quarter or at the end of each year. There are many benefits to hiring a firm to manage your financial systems. We’ll sit down for 30 minutes, pressure-free, so you can learn about our process and decide if our approach is right for you. The large down payment on insurance for a big rig is one of the main challenges owner-operators face.

  • This feature allows you to attach bill of lading documents to your loads, and then generate an invoice in a few seconds.
  • Fixed costs are expenses that are incurred whether you’re driving or not.
  • No matter your fleet size or business needs, there is a trucking bookkeeping service to help you manage your transportation company.
  • We recommend a double-entry accounting system like QuickBooks Online to avoid omitting expenses unintentionally.

Keeping compliant is as important as finding loads to haul and keeping a well-maintained vehicle. This e-book will tell you how to stay DOT-compliant and will help you decide whether you have time to handle the process yourself or need to hire a service provider for that part of your business. If you decide to hire a compliance service, this e-book will guide you through some of the regulatory and safety questions to help you get the most for your money. TBS, which stands for Truckers Bookkeeping Services, is a family-owned and was founded in 1968 as a permitting and fuel tax reporting company. In 2004, TBS formed a factoring company, TBS Factoring Service LLC. Filter results with instant refresh, accurate spot market rates, updated daily. Search loads and post trucks in real time, with no refresh time, instant results….