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Connecting GTA Networking Club is an exclusive club to bring together professionals and entrepreneurs.

Under the leadership of Suresh Kumar,  a true leader with a vision for creating growth for entrepreneurs, Connecting GTA took its baby steps on November 2, 2017. The keen ability to see the potential in individuals to drive innovation and growth for our communities, we make our number one priority is the club members the growth of their businesses.

CGTA started out as a small group of connections, and have now grown to a widely recognized organization that encourages economic development. More importantly we take corporate social responsibility seriously, and we do our part to support many organizations and charities. Our members are professionals from diverse industries, leader-centric, solution oriented, passionate game changers, committed to success for everyone.

One of our strengths is mentoring each other. We have built a solid network amongst our membership with a focus to support one another. We have also designed a program for our youth to give them a foundation to enhance their knowledge. It is a great way for them to learn while having a safety net.

We are continually expanding our goals to provide the right tools, and education for our members. We have many subject matter experts who can provide direction and assistance at any time, and we truly appreciate each other’s contributions.


What we do together as Team can make a difference.

Suresh Kumar

As a mentor, coach and business consultant, his focus through both Connecting GTA and Kashden is to help entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized businesses to achieve their full potential to thrive in a demanding business environment, overcome business challenges and to exercise their passion to take their projects to the next level. He offers consultancy services such as business strategy, marketing solutions, technology solutions, project management services, process improvement, and mergers and acquisitions. As the business environment becomes increasingly complex and business longevity a challenge, the only way to remain afloat is by identifying and adapting to the changes and economical processes. Suresh’s goal is to elevate entrepreneurship by training, guiding, and promoting businesses to achieve success. For the last ten years, Suresh has been working with businesses in the Greater Toronto Area to aid in their transformation to become more sustainable and profitable.

Maria Gil

Maria is an experienced Administrative and Human Resources professional with a degree in Human Resources Management. Maria is passionate about people and enjoys the complexity of administrative work. The goal of her job is to organize, improve and harmonize processes within the company. Collaborating with people towards a common goal is something she enjoys. In her role as Executive Assistant for Connecting GTA, she provides administrative support.

Edward Lam

Edward Lam is an entrepreneur and a business leader. He started A1 Automotive Connection in 1999 and has grown it to become one of the most referred car maintenance and repair companies in Durham Region. This is attributed to Lam’s extremely high level of customer service and hassle free business model: He picks up the cars for expert repair and returns them. Previously, Lam worked for 30 years as a licensed mechanic and collision specialist. He is a Big Brother, and a member of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce and the Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade. Edward works with all CGTA members closely to support you to grow business.

Advisory Board Members

If you would like to join the Connecting GTA Networking Club, please click here to signup online or call 416-917-7617.
  • Professionals from diverse industries, leader-centric, solution oriented, passionate game changers, committed to success for everyone.
  • Please visit the member section to learn more about our club and our valued members.


It's all about the people who make up our network's nodes.

David Tsubouchi
  • Former Cabinet Minister Government of Ontario
Ragavan Moorthy
  • Pharmacist/Owner Shoppers Drug Mart
Rosemarie Childhose
  • Health Care Leader & Advocate
  • Bausch Health Companies Inc.
Dr.C.P Giri
  • Dental Surgeon
  • Dr. C.P Giri Dentistry
Marilyn Crawford
  • Regional Councillor Ward 1 Town of Ajax Harry Jeganathan
Harry Jeganathan
  • Sr. Systems Analysist
  • Ontario Science Centre


Committee Members

Keith Thurailingam
  • President & CEO
  • EESA Group
Samuel Arutsothy
  • Sales Manager
  • Commercial Packaging Solutions Inc.
Vaheeda Visram
  • Manager
  • Royal Bank of Canada
Doreen Fernandez
  • Founder and Creative Writer
  • Memory Bloom
Hammad Siddiqui
  • LinkedIn Coach & LinkedIn Optimization Expert
  • LinkedIn Impact
Vithu Ramachandran
  • Barrister & Solicitor
  • Ramachandran Law


Committee Members

Sheila.Gadan Gadan
  • Mortgage Agent
  • Centum Metrocapp Wealth Solutions Inc
Doreen Fernandez
  • Founder and Creative Writer
  • Memory Bloom
Nadia Nafees
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Re/Max Impact Realty


Committee Members

Terrance Rajah
  • Financial Security Advisor
  • Agape Life Inc.
Angela Baltkois
  • CEO
  • Big Rig Wraps
Ian McCutcheon
  • Sales Executive
  • QJS Specialty Cleaning Inc.

Member Code of Conduct

Connecting GTA is a private networking organization that supports small and medium sized businesses. The goal of this networking group is to provide an environment for likeminded business individuals to develop professional relationships and to explore new business opportunities. Our objective is to assist with the growth of our members’ business networking and professional capabilities. As a Corporate/Individual member of Connecting GTA, I/we recognize that membership is a privilege and that a membership brings with it the responsibility to assure that all members also understand and commit to the following conduct:

  • Conduct business and professional activities in a reputable manner so as to reflect honourably upon Connecting GTA’s business community and fellow Board members.
  • Abide by the rules of Connecting GTA
  • Respect the reputation, profile and status of Connecting GTA and represent them accordingly.
  • Understand, support and promote Connecting GTA to the business community.
  • Members will always observe the highest principles of honesty, courtesy and fair practice towards all attendees of our events.
  • Where possible, participate in the functions and activities of Connecting GTA and lend my/our business and professional expertise.
  • Members will treat all information concerning the business affairs of other members as strictly confidential.
Our guidelines
  • Multi-level marketing: This includes any business where one receives income from their own sales of products and/or services and income from their recruited members.
  • Pyramid schemes: These schemes mainly ignore the actual selling of products and services, and focus on the income they may earn by recruiting new distributors.
  • Provide honest, skilled and conscientious service to my/our customers.
  • Present a true presentation in all advertising. Goods and services shall be advertised in accordance with all Municipal, Provincial and Federal legislation.
  • Conform to all laws established by Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments for the control of said business, where applicable.

Accepting this standard as the Member’s own, every Member pledges to observe the spirit of the code in all dealings and to conduct business in accordance with all By-Laws. Failure to do so may result in the termination of membership.


Please go to and logon to update your info. You may also send an us an email to [email protected] and we will update your information when required.

The yearly membership fee starts at $299.00 plus HST. Your fee gives you access to all our meetings through out the year. Fee based events will be informed to all the members. Please see our subscription plans at