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Celebrating Small Business Month

Celebrating Small Business Month

  • Hosts Suresh Kumar
  • Location

    Toronto Business Development Centre

  • Address

    111 Peter St Suite 902
    Toronto, Ontario
    M5V 2G9

  • Date & Time2024-10-18, 6:00 pm
  • For Members$45.00 CAD
  • For Non Members$65.00 CAD
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Small Business Month is the perfect time to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit that fuels our economy. Let’s shine a spotlight on the diverse and inspiring small business owners across Canada. From innovative solutions to passion-driven ventures, their stories showcase the power of ideas and determination.

Entrepreneurs, with their unique backgrounds and motivations, contribute significantly to our communities. Whether it’s solving a problem, making a positive impact, or bringing a dream to life, a business owner’s journey often starts with a simple yet powerful idea. Throughout this month October, let’s honor and share these incredible entrepreneur stories. By highlighting the ideas that inspired their visions, we not only celebrate their achievements but also inspire others to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys.

Here’s to the heart of our economy—Canada’s small business owners!