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Know Human Trafficking

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  • Date 13th Jul 2023

Know Human Trafficking

Warning Signs that someone may be a victim of Human trafficking:

  • Being controlled by others, driven to and from locations, and escorted at all times;
  • Being controlled and watched by others, having someone speak for them in public;
  • Not having a passport or other forms of I.D. in their possession;
  • Not having control of their own money or cellphone, may have more than one cellphone in their possession
  • Passport and ID documents confiscated by others
  • Not being familiar with the neighborhood they live or work in
  • Being moved frequently; claim to be “new” or “just visiting”
  • Not being allowed to contact family or friends,
  • Lying about age/false ID;
  • Providing scripted or rehearsed answers to casual questions; and
  • May be in possession of excess cash outside their financial means and have hotel keys

If you spot a potential human trafficking situation you can call the Canadian Human Trafficking Hotline toll free 24/7 at 1-833-900-1010, response advocates are available 24/7 with support in over 200 languages or contact Crimestoppers