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Brianna Murree

Brianna Murree

  • Founder/Creative Director
  • UVision Marketing
  • Category : Digital Marketing
  • City : Barrie
Barrie,  Ontario


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Brianna Murree is an experienced business professional that specializes in digital and social media marketing, customer service, and administration. She attended Humber College for 4 years, and holds an advanced diploma for Business Administration, as well as a diploma for Business Marketing. Having earned dean’s list status throughout her entire college career, Brianna has generated digital and social media marketing strategies for growing companies, uses creative skills to design social media content, designs user-friendly websites for companies across various industries, creates branding guidelines and strategies, constructs business proposals, and has gained essential knowledge on generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Brianna quickly began her professional career as she was hired straight out of her co-op position as a Marketing Coordinator, and later as an Administrative and Marketing Manager, at a design and build construction company in Mississauga. For 2 years as a Marketing and Administrative Manager, Brianna furthered her digital and social media marketing skills as she designed and created digital content, monitored analytics, created a new website, and oversaw all marketing operations, and general administrative tasks such as generating contracts being sent to clients. After years honing her craft, she was ready to launch her own business—UVision Marketing, where her mission is to help small-medium businesses grow in the online world. She prides herself on using a combination of masterful storytelling, data-driven management, and creative flair to ensure success for her clients and loves to work with like-minded individuals who share similar values in the online and offline world.


At UVision Marketing, we believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating partnerships with a purpose, and always striving for outcomes that exceed expectations.

Our mission is to provide forward-thinking solutions as we inspire and grow small-medium businesses into reaching their full potential through enhanced brand image, social media presence, and uniquely creative digital marketing solutions.

To assist small-medium organizations in innovating and elevating their online presence and overall brand.

We are a small business built to help other small businesses. Our approach is to work alongside you as a colleague, not a client. We hope to inform, guide, and offer assistance as we collectively work towards our own visions.


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Social Media Management
Digital Marketing & SEO
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