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Corette Miller

Corette Miller

  • Founder & CEO
  • ThryvX
  • Category : Human Resource Services
  • City : Whitby


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Corette brings over 20 years’ experience as a human resource professional to small and large corporations throughout Canada and the United States. For over 13 years, ThryvX has helped clients ranging from your local pet boutique to fitness centers to startups. ThryvX helps clients increase their HR knowledge spectrum and manage their human resources requirements while also expanding their department capacity. ThryvX specializes in implementing processes that help attract, develop, and retain good employees by ensuring the hiring posting and process are discrimination-free. We implement diverse teams in thought who are the foundation for scaling a business to the next level. All while working to understand your unique business requirements and how best to protect you from an HR standpoint against the Ministry of Labour, performance, and other HR challenges. Corette’s fresh, plain-language and practical approach helps her educate business owners and partners of small businesses on how to best protect themselves from the turbulent first few years of business as they grow and adapt to the market around them. Corette is the founder & CEO of ThryvX and shares a passion for public speaking and educating her peers. She has appeared as a paid guest speaker on numerous panel topics in the public and private sectors. Her love for speaking and elevating those around her led her to become the Vice President of the Whitby Chamber of Commerce 2020-2021, succeeded by her time as the President of the chamber. She has also held board positions of multiple other coalitions and organizations such as Big Brothers & Big Sisters of southwest Durham and Northumberland and as Vice-President of the BNI Chapter of Momentum.


Our team has over 15 years experience working with corporations in Canada and around the world to create strong, cohesive and well-functioning teams that increase productivity and organizational success. Our service packages are customized to where and how you need our team’s knowledge and skills to best facilitate your goals.

Need HR expertise or simply more hands on deck? We offer fast-scaling and quick implementation. Do you have acquisition or merger challenges? Our team has the know-how to assist in the smooth blending of people, roles and systems to minimize flux timelines and enhance stability by shortening the adjustment period. Contact Corette to discuss the details and scope of your corporate HR needs.