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Leonie Segall

Leonie Segall

  • Founder & CEO
  • Granny Lee's Kitchen Limited
  • Category : Catering
  • City : Ajax
Ajax,  Ontario


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Food has always been a part of Leonie’s culture, her way of showing love, and her way of nurturing. From the time she was one of three siblings growing up with a single mother, cooking and baking became something she absolutely loved and enjoyed. It was also a way for her to have one-on-one time with her busy mother. Leonie’s passion for providing delicious baked goods developed further in high school under the tutelage of her home economics teacher and grew further as she encountered the cooking of other cultures. Between high school and the founding of GLK, Leonie was always baking and giving pancakes, pancake mix, muffins, and cookies away to friends and family. Importantly, Leonie kept her recipes confidential, with the intention of commercializing them at some point. Leonie Segall founded Granny Lee’s Kitchen Limited “GLK” to bring people together for the love of family and food. GLK creates artisanal-quality pancake mix and other dry mixes, as well as freshly baked muffins, cookies and other baked treats.


Granny Lee’s Kitchen is in the business of bringing back family time.
We do so by offering made from scratch, wholesome baked goods and conveniently packaged dry mixes; to be prepared at home with the family.
Granny Lee’s Kitchen (GLK) Limited is a Home-based Bakery located in Ajax, Ontario, just 5 minutes north of the Historic Pickering Village. Serving our local neighbours, as well as the Greater Toronto Area, bringing you together For the LOVE of FAMILY and FOOD.

We love creating various versatile dry mixes and made from scratch, tasty, wholesome, homemade baked goods you can share at home, with friends and at all your gettogethers. Our dry mixes and “made for you” Muffins, Cookies, Scones, Gluten Free Treats, Pancakes, etc., are baked from locally sourced ingredients. We cater to individuals as well as businesses with fresh baked goods and dry mixes that meet high standards of excellence and supreme taste.