Premi Srikant

Pragati Siddha Herbal Clinic

Natural Medicine Practitioner


880 Markham Road
Toronto,  Ontario
M1H 2Y2


I've been involved in the study, research & creation of more than hundreds of Indigenous/ Herbal ingredients aimed at lasting cures for illnesses. Thus, bringing out to light the wondrous healing aspect of these natural herbs. I have developed my own ideology and theory about health. I believe that one can not be healthy in parts and I do believe in total wellness. Total health means physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, personal, economical, and social health. I would like to convince my patients in my own way. Beside the use of herbal medicines, I would like to give them counselling, explain them how their thinking should be positive and about their relationship with nature. Above all, I teach them the secret of a healthy long life is living without harming others by thoughts, words and deeds and doing the best to help others in whatever possible way, teach them the importance of the influence of the characteristic of their mental and spiritual thoughts, on their happiness and well being of their mind and body. I am quite successful and much satisfied with this approach.


A total wellness according to nature’s way! My Medicinal GURU highness Thampi Aasaan’s blessings has entrusted me with the privilege of taking care of all his services into the future. His lineage extends into more than fourteen generations. This also known as ‘Raja Vaithiyam’ – The Royal Treatment which includes a number of his own formulations which are very unique and special. With the support of Sivarppanam Foundation traditionally very old and skilled Heritage Siddha House of Southern India now integrates into the eternal beauty of North America to dedicate to the noble mission of ‘Service to humanity’.


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